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Specializes and excel at offering customers Automatic Rice
Mill Machine, Semi-Automatic Rice Plants and a lot more...

We, New Bihar Selar Udyog, are a company renowned for serving customers a wide range of milling machines and plants of quality unmatched by any other business entity in the entire industry. We are a well capable Manufacturer, which till date has never failed to fulfill the requirements of customers and has always made a qualitative approach in its machines and plants. If we talk about variety in our range of offering, then also we distinct ourselves from any other business entity because we focus on attracting a large number of customers by sufficing their diverse needs. Some of the products we have added in our portfolio are Automatic Rice Mill Machine, Semi Automatic Rice Plant, Paddy Cleaner, Trolley Rice Set Plant, Dryer, Rice Polisher and a lot more. Each one of the machine is developed with a blend of perfection in design and precision in engineering. Employees who undertake the tasks of developing the machines are trained till they attain finesse in their work so that the works done at their end are synonym of perfection.

Braced by Experts

A high performing team is undoubtedly an asset to a company which it cherishes the most but we are a company which enjoys the perk of self motivated, sincere and high performing team. Owing to the efforts of these experts we have remarkably grown in this industry, and have always been a company on which customers can rely for getting their needs sufficed. The appointed experts are immensely dedicated to achieve the targets and work together so that the works of each departments are coordinated and we work in a complete streamlined manner. We have below listed experts working with us:-
  • Engineers
  • Quality Checkers
  • Accounting Personnel
  • Marketing Executives
A Name to Trust

Earning trust is not an easy task. It requires genuineness, consistency and commitment. We, since our inception have been a business entity which has proven itself worthy of trust of customers. Every step we have taken in this industry, we have always ascertained to satisfy our clients with best products and services. As we have grown in this industry, and as we move, we believe and strictly focus on being a company on which clients can blindly trust.